Experience Canyoning Dalat to win yourself

Dalat canyoning – A very attractive tour of crossing canyons

Canyoning dalat brings you a whole new experience. Unlike normal travel, you will be overwhelmed by a series of exciting challenges.

How is the interesting of Dalat canyoning?

Dalat canyoning – A very attractive tour of crossing canyons

Dalat canyoning – A very attractive tour of crossing canyons

Dalat canyoning is an adventure game of waterfall sliding which shows the endurance of the participants. Although the game has been around for a long time, Canyoning has never been “hot” to adventure enthusiasts.

Six waterfalls are six completely different challenges. From the first dry waterfall with a height of 12m, which for you to get acquainted, to the semi-dry waterfall with a height of 25m you will enjoy the torrent of water, break with the ice slide in a completely natural way. Then you will have to face the challenge as the slippery as well as the powerful water pours into your head causing you to lose direction. Next is the game of free jump at 11m high, and finally the immersion in the swirling waters known as Washing Machine …

5 hours in this game is a journey of inner strength, forgetting the fear, overcoming the majestic waterfalls with the strength and bravery of yourself,and through that you will see a beautiful Da Lat in new moments that few people have.

What do you experience from Canyoning Dalat?

Canyoning Dalat - lots of visitors love this game

Canyoning Dalat – lots of visitors love this game

Often after stressful working days, you will want to take a trip to relax with friends and family. But you can try a new adventure-filled game.

 So, experience the thrilling new feelings with Canyoning Dalat, why not?

Come to Canyoning Dalat, you will enjoy the “rush” with many adventurous adventure. Your life skills, survival skills will be thoroughly applied. Here, human beings like harmony with nature vast vast. Streams, crossing cascades, climbing through rugged canyons, … to see so many interesting things that a tour of pure tourism can not meet.

Join Canyoning Dalat, what do you need to prepare?

Take on the challenge with team spirit

Take on the challenge with team spirit

To participate in any trip, you must prepare for a psychological encounter with difficulties. With the challenging challenges of Canyoning Dalat, you have to prepare well from the spirit to the “material.”

  • In the spirit, you have to face the adventure game: swing the waterfall, walk through the forest, cross the stream, eat in the forest, … There may be problems occurring as hand scratches, mosquitoes or burning forests, … The experience of rubbing against nature will be very interesting but also difficult. Therefore, it is better that you “take” the psychological readiness to receive them and listen to the instructor’s words.
  • For material, you should pay attention to carry gloves, sunscreen, climbing shoes, hats, food … to ensure the body is absolutely protected. In addition, other protective gear you can consult with adventure game instructors if you do not have good techniques.

Canyoning dalat will be an experience with many emotions for those who love to explore. Experience it right away.

All information you can follow at the website: https://adventuredalat.com/